Melcom Limited

Melcom Limited

Melcom Limited (Melcom) has a network of 49 retail outlets, 8 Cash ‘n’ Carry depots, an online store, and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate, adapting to meet the needs of its customers across the country. This makes it possible to bring shopping to the doorsteps of Ghanaians nationwide, making Melcom “Where Ghana Shops”.

Melcom Limited, the first company established under the Melcom Group of Companies, started 31 years ago is inarguably Ghana’s only “Home Grown” organized retail chain, and the largest in the West African Region.

Established in September 1989 with the entrepreneurial innovation of providing not to a niche of people but to all, Melcom is truly the place “Where Ghana Shops”, catering to all household needs of consumers in Ghana. Melcom has an extensive variety of over 40,000 products from supermarket to household goods, garments to electronics and more. Melcom brings its customers not only what they need, but what they want. The buying team meticulously curates unique ranges for each store according to its local demographics.

Today, Melcom manages 1.2 million square feet of retail space across all major towns and cities and is expanding every year. There are already plans to open 8 new stores, and expand our largest store, as well as launch a new convenience store concept called Melcom Mini in 2021.

Melcom’s ecommerce platform is amongst the top three in Ghana currently and has a monthly active customer base of 200,000. It has partnerships with other platforms like – ShopNaw, AfriKart and Afrobasket to make its products available throughout Ghana thus making it a truly “Omni Channel Retailer”. Melcom is innovating in the online space and has introduced the first of its kind digital and electronic gift vouchers for use at its stores and on its online platform. This offers more ease and convenience to it’s customers.

Melcom Limited has established relationships with some of the world’s leading companies ranging from FMCG to electronics by obtaining exclusive pricing, distribution, brand agencies or dealerships for their products. Melcom keeps finding new ways to partner with companies and is now the redemption partner for MTN, Shell and GhanaWeb on their own independent loyalty programme for their customer’s points and rewards.

Melcom's Loyalty Programme

Melcom launched its loyalty program in 2009 with the Supersaver Card. Over the years, the loyalty program has grown to 1,000,000 consistant active members across the country, gaining 14,000 new members to the program every month. Melcom has always focused on offering the best quality at the most economical prices to its core market segment. To build on to this, Market Day Wednesday – a very novel concept, a first of its kind was introduced for its loyalty club members. This program offers customers additional discounts on mid-week shopping two Wednesdays every month.

Melcom introduces Financial Services

Melcom is Ghana’s largest home grown organized retail chain and caters primarily to the mass & middle class market segments, which today constitute to 80-85% of the population. Melcom has introduced financial services to become a “ONE STOP SHOP” for all customer needs by driving financial literacy from within its stores.

Melcom realized the need for agency banking early on in the retail segment in Ghana and kick-started its agency Banking operations with Ecobank in May 2020. By doing so it is contributing to the Government’s initiative of a Financially Inclusive society. The Agency Banking program is LIVE in key centers in Accra with plans to expand nationwide.

Melcom has tied up with GT Bank & MasterCard for a co-branded pre-paid loyalty card for all its customers. This card gives rise to a less cash society and promotes digital payments. With minimal KYC, a recipient can obtain these cards, load money, withdraw money and use it for all digital and electronic payments worldwide.
Melcom has partnered with Hollard Insurance to offer insurance policies to shoppers in selected shops. Together they provide the following products from Melcom stores:

  1. Risk Plans
  2. Savings Plans
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Motor Vehicle Insurance
  5. Electronics & Mobile
  6. Household & Funeral Insurance

Under the aegis of “Shop & Insure” at Melcom, Hollard has insurance agents across 17 Melcom locations who educate the customers on the need and benefits of insurance and onboarding them for both Life & Non-Life products.

Melcom Mini Concept

Melcom is planning to enter into a new format – that of the convenience stores. This will start off in Accra to begin with, to fulfil the daily needs of customers in a very convenient manner. Melcom is harnessing the strength of its customer base on a very regular basis to offer what every household would need on a daily basis.

After Sales Services

Melcom Limited has an authorized service centre for many globally renowned electronic brands providing a one year warranty to all Electronic items sold through Melcom Limited. The team undergoes regular training by representatives from the international partners to stay up to date on the latest trends in the world of technology and provide the best after-sales care.

Melcom to introduce convenience stores

Melcom is planning to enter into a new format – The convenience stores with “Melcom Mini”. This will first launch in Accra, and hopefully expand through the major cities in Ghana, and fulfil the daily needs of customers via this new format in a very convenient manner. It is harnessing the strength of its customer base on a very regular basis to offer what every household would need on a daily basis.

Melcom During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic entered Ghana; borders were closed and the country went into lockdown. A massive number of employers, in Ghana and around the world had to furlough employees due to the financial strain caused by the pandemic.

Fortunately, Melcom was able to retain all its staff and continues to employ, as it is providing an essential service to the country during this period. Melcom Limited was able to stay open and keep its staff employed while following guidelines put in place by the Ghana Health Services and World Health Organization - with the intention of keeping employees, customers and the community safe and healthy.

All employees and customers use washing and sanitizing stations, have their temperatures checked as well as observe social distancing at all times. Melcom’s online avenues are also available to limit contact and the risk of spreading of the virus. All Melcom shops and premises are regularly disinfected and guidelines are followed to keep the community safe during this pandemic.

Still have questions? Contact our hotline 
Toll Free: 080023456
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