Crownstar Electronics

Crownstar Electronics

Crownstar Electronics, A division of Melcom, was established in 1992 and was merged into Melcom in 2022 . From its beginnings in electronics assembly, the company now also operates as a fully-fledged after-sales service centre, fully equipped with state-of-the art tools and having a capacity for maintaining and repairing 2000 + units / month across all categories of Electrical & Electronic Appliances.

Crownstar is the authorized service center for many globally renowned electronic brands providing a one year in-house warranty to all electronic items sold through Melcom Limited. In addition to providing after sales support to the Group, Crownstar also provides to its industry peers, comprehensive “electronic surveillance systems” , including fire and motion detector systems, CCTV and PA systems.

Apart from the after sales support, it markets various consumer products in its own brand , which are extensively sold through Melcom Stores and other dealers in the General Trade.

The popularity of the in house brand of appliance has now given opportunities for Crownstar to set up its own assembly line, and go back to its original roots. This will fulfil to the mission of the Group to provide quality products at affordable prices.

Crownstar Electronics was merged into Melcom in 2022. They serve as the after sales service center for all electronics & electricals products sold, as well as assemble televisions, gas cookers and other product ranges locally.

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