Melcom Group of Companies understands that our success is based on the vitality of the communities which we operate and our hardworking employees. The crave for the support of education which is one of the pillars of our corporate social responsibility is an offspring of The Melcom Scholarship Scheme.

The Melcom Scholarship Scheme was designed to cater for the educational needs of children of employees of Melcom Group. The Melcom Scholarship Scheme, which is funded by the Melcom Care Foundation has over the years supported and financed a variety of educational initiatives for brilliant but needy children. Under the scholarship scheme, children of staff of all subsidiaries of the Melcom Group of Companies who meet specific criteria are awarded based on application by permanent staff including cleaners, drivers up to managerial level.

Melcom Care Foundation has supported quite a large number of children and adults from Basic to Tertiary Level of Education, including overseas education sponsorship and still expanding its coverage to support a lot more children.

The Melcom Scholarship Scheme is focused on improving the quality of education and making school more accessible for brilliant but needy students.

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