Our Mission

To be the preferred shopping destination for our customers.
To have the largest variety of goods under one roof.
To offer quality products at affordable prices.
To ensure a conducive shopping environment.
To provide the best customer service and after sales support.
To have conveniently located oulets in all regions and bring shopping to the consumer's doorstep.
To guarantee uniform pricing throughout Ghana, catering for all income levels.

We strive to offer every customer:
Great service with a smile.
Unbeatable value for money.
Quality merchandise.
The largest variety of goods under one roof.

Our Vision

Melcom Limited is Ghana's largest chain of retail department stores. While our business is primarily driven by retail, we are also strong players in semi-wholesale and wholesale distribution due to a combination of the vast range of goods we stock as well as our wide distribution network. There are several contributing factors that have made Melcom the household name it is today.

The driving force behind this is our commitment to our vision, that is to offer:
To Everyone
In the most Economical Manner