We’re always looking to work with new suppliers – from small scale businesses that we can grow with, to already established multi-national businesses. Currently we work with local suppliers right here in Ghana and suppliers from around the globe. Everyone is welcome - from farmers to entrepreneurs to consumer goods companies, we can work together to expand your business to all 10​ regions around Ghana.

To become an official supplier, please see below for the key information and requirements you will need to apply. Together, we can build a relationship to satisfy the needs of our of customers nationwide.

We currently have product ranges in the following categories:

  • Supermarket/FMCG
  • Electronics/Electrical
  • Furniture
  • Household
  • Kitchenware
  • Stationery
  • Hardware
  • Exercise Supplies
  • Sundries Miscellaneous Items
  • Garments and Footwear
General Merchandise Requirements
To become a supplier, we require the following documents samples.
  • Company Registration Documents
  • VAT Certificate
  • FDA Certificate of Product Registration
  • Introduction Letter
  • Supplier Listing Form
  • Product Samples

To become a new supplier or for general enquires please contact us via email merchandise@melcomgroup.com.