Melcom Limited

Melcom Limited

Melcom Limited (Melcom) has a network of 45 retail outlets, 7 Cash ‘n Carry stores and an online store, and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate, adapting to meet the needs of its customers across all regions in the country. This makes it possible to bring shopping to the doorstep of Ghanaians nationwide, making Melcom “Where Ghana Shops”. Melcom Limited, established 30 years ago, is inarguably Ghana’s only “Home Grown” organised retail chain and the largest in the West African Region.

Melcom is truly the place where “Ghana Shops”, catering to all household needs of all the citizens and residents of Ghana. Melcom has an extensive variety of over 30,000 products from supermarket to household goods, garments to electronics and more. Melcom brings its customers not only what they need, but what they want. The merchandisers pick items and carefully curate collections for each store according to its demographics.

Today, Melcom manages over a million square feet of retail space and are present across all major cities, 11 of the 16 regions in Ghana and expanding every year. There are already plans to open 3 new stores planned in 2020 as well as launch a new convenience store concept called Melcom Mini.

Melcom’s ecommerce platform is amongst the Top 3 in Ghana with Monthly Active Customer base of 100,000. It has partnerships with other platforms like – Jumia Foods, ShopNaw, Shell Loyalty programme and AfroCart to make its products available throughout Ghana thus making it a truly “Omni Channel Retailer”.

Loyalty Programme

Melcom launched its loyalty programme in 2010 with the Supersaver Card. Over the years, the loyalty programme has grown to 700,000 active members across the country. The Super Saver card allows loyal customers to feel cherished with a 5% discount on their purchases over 150GHC and 7% on their purchase over 2000GHC. Melcom recently launched Market Day

Wednesday which gives Super Saver members a special deal on the first and third Wednesday of every month. Shoppers with a Super Saver card receive 10% off their purchases over 250GHC. The Super Saver card also gives customers discounts at many partnered outlets across the country. As the Super Saver community grows, Melcom is looking to keep introducing more services for its members.

Financial Services

With all the credentials over the last 3 decades, Melcom wants to support the Financial and Social Inclusion initiative of the Government by starting “Financial Services Distribution Business” primarily in the areas of Insurance (Life & Non- Life) and Agency Banking. This would mean that approximately 40,000 customers who visit Melcom stores daily will have access to hassle-free financial and payment products as well. Bill payments, airtime top ups, utility bill payments, getting insured and even opening a new bank account – all of it can soon be done under one roof and in a very convenient manner for customers.

Melcom Mini Concept

Melcom is planning to enter into a new format – that of the convenience stores. This will start off in Accra to begin with, to fulfil the daily needs of customers in a very convenient manner. Melcom is harnessing the strength of its customer base on a very regular basis to offer what every household would need on a daily basis.

Cash & Carry

Wholesale & B2B Sales

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Toll Free: 080023456
Toll Free: 080023456
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