A plastic manufacturing industry, producing insulated products and domestic household plasticware. The Company was incorporated into the Melcom Group in the year 2000, with the objective of producing high quality plastic products at affordable prices for the people of Ghana and their neighbouring countries. Extensive research was undertaken prior to the implementation of our first production facility, which uses the latest technology in injection moulding machinery to produce products of the highest quality. We have always strived to fulfil the needs of the increasingly demanding market through continuous improvement of our range and quality.

Production at Century Industries consists of one major process – injection moulding. The ancillary processors are polyurethane foaming, ultrasonic welding, shrink packaging, custom screen printing and pad printing. Plastics are one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world and are making spectacular progress in developing countries. Due to its light-weight, variety of properties, easy printability and fast processing, plastic is rapidly replacing metal, glass, wood, and other conventional materials in different application areas. With a continued strategy of progress and innovation to produce good quality, Century’s ‘value for money’ plastic products for each and every household in Ghana.

Due to the extensive demand for plastic ware, Century has always strived to fulfil the needs of the market by improving our range as the market demanded, whilst maintaining the quality of our products. This, along with a hard-working and dynamic management team, has led to the growth of Century Industries from a manufacturer of only 15 items to over 200 diverse products today, including basins, buckets, storage containers, thermoware and more. Century Industries, operates 24 hours, 6 days a week and employs 255 skilled technicians and workers.